Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Conversation With The Stars

Why is the moon so lonesome tonight
Where have the stars gone and hidden?
The moon is a grumpy grouch tonight
We stars don't arrive unbidden.

Why do we go to bed at night
And frolic by light of day?
Because the night is dark and dull
But sunshine's for fun and play.

The night is dark and I'm afraid
Why does it scare me so?
Feel our light, make friends with the night,
Just watch your fears go.

Enough said, now go to bed
In deep slumber may you lie
As dreams stream into your head,
And winds outside sough and sigh.

The clouds come sailing through the sky
Hark! How softly the rain falls.
Let it lull you, may you sleep till
The first of the morning birds calls.

Rhythm, rhyme, metre, cadence- I don't know much about these words. I don't know how they are used. This is my first ever attempt at poetry as an adult. I should have written all this in an introduction before assaulting your senses with this pretence at poetry, but I was afraid it would make you overly critical of or generous to this very schoolgirlish attempt. I can never understand complex emotions in poetry, so my poem naturally has to be plain and unembellished. If you're a casual reader, this piece might have amused you; if you're a purist, you might use this to tell people how not to write poetry. At all events, I am convinced of its usefulness.

PS: This piece draws no inspiration from 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star'. My stars here can actually talk.


Mercury said...


I could learn a thing or two from you! I have no intrinsic sense of rhyme or meter for that matter.. And yet I feel stirred enough to believe that somehow it's poetry without those..

This is nice, what you've written. It's simple and just paints of few lovely brush strokes - gives you the picture of what you're trying to say and for your first try , I think it's really good.. (I say this more as a reader of poetry rather than a writer of one.. because I'm still struggling in that department)

Arun said...

hey that was pretty good ,what?!
liked the way ya started out with a QA kinda thing...and the alterate verse rhyming..
and tellya what, it just has a perfect rhyme/rhythm structure to it...

Jaya S said...

Thanks...I might think about writing a second poem, now that the verdict is out and pretty encouraging :).

Manish Raj said...

Jaya, whenever you'll write your heart, it will come out this beautiful...

Write only when you feel like...and not just when you think of writing...it must set you free..