Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day at Work

Today was my first proper day at 'work'. First anxiety, then apprehension, and then total incredulity- these were the emotions that besieged me through the day, following which absolute boredom set in when we had nothing to do. Eleven of us arrived here yesterday from Mysore, and we stuck together as we walked about the campus in search of our building and the people we were supposed to report to. It was like an extension of college- not the ambience, but romping around as a group, feeling like a bunch of schoolkids who had unwittingly wandered into their parents' office. Soon enough, the traces of nervousness vanished as we realised we would probably have nothing much to do, nor many people to meet.

The decor in the office is blue and white, soothing, but cubicles seem rather claustrophobia-inducing, just like closed elevators. No hint of fresh air, sunshine or rain- quite a dampener for somebody who depends on nature to drive away the blues. We (only the eleven of us- we wouldn't have played the fool in front of a 'real' professional) sat around a table in a small conference room, discussing strategies and designations, deriving our own meanings for certain terminology, creating our own full forms for abbreviations that we came across. The room was bursting with creativity; only, it wasn't quite productive. We were apparently a distracting presence, for we could see people looking askance at us, probably hostile under a serene facade. Obviously, people on the bench are not quite popular, especially if they wander around as if they own the place and remind you of your own days of freedom and bliss. However, being brutally honest, not having anything to do is not a very pleasant sensation.

Today was quite like the first day of a new year of school or college.I don't know what tomorrow will bring. I don't know if I'll have anything to do, because I know what the software industry is like, and I have no illusions. I'm looking at the brighter side of it, though- more blogging time! For I still have a sequel to write. The wonderful ideas have evaporated from my head, so I need to come up with new ones. I have a book to finish reading and some more to begin. Who said I was jobless? Some distant day, if they ever have a quiz on books and F1, I just might come in useful. I shall then look forward to bucketfuls of gratitude. In the meantime, I'll be content being another one of their simple, humble, immature software engineers.


Ashwin Raghu said...

I never got to spend time on the fabled bench (another story that real work since then has turned out a lot like that!), do enjoy it! It is good that you "know what the software industry is like, and I have no illusions." And like you mention too, there's free internet access, even if you're at a big-ish software park miles away from the city there are always good places for food and coffee (if you're at a small-ish office in the city even better!), there's a good chance things will shape up nicely :)

Prasoon said...

From a s/w company in Mysore to elsewhere - I can guess which company this is and where the future is headed because that is exactly where I work too :P

However, being brutally honest, not having anything to do is not a very pleasant sensation. - you are NOT supposed to get this on day 1 - how the hell did you get these blues on day 1 only :O

Just read the previous post and all is confirmed now.. Welcome is all that I got to say :)

Jaya S said...

Ashwin: We don't have Internet access. It's only the Intranet that we can 'amuse' ourselves with. Yes, I suppose the bench is to be enjoyed, because I think I caught one or two envious glances today from people actually working on projects :-).

Prasoon: I've seen your Intranet blog...if I'm not confusing you with someone else, you're the kung-fu champ, right? Thanks...I feel better after Day 2, when I see the 'adults' slogging and not spending two hours over lunch like we do :-). And I get plenty of time to read, so it's cool.

Arun said...

heheheh ! delightful !
oh I remember my 1st day......but to be honest when I joined it was a project from day one... my bench time would come only 3 and a half years later ;)

Jaya S said...

Arun: Heartless! You find bench funny? Serves you right if you're there now :-).

Prasoon said...

am sure you got me wrong there :)

Jaya S said...

Prasoon: Oops...sorry. I did a search on the Intranet the next day, using your name, and came up with an empty blog. What is happening?! Or did I get it right this time?