Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gallivanting through Life

Today I did three things I've been wanting to do for a really long time, where 'long' is just a relative term, spread over different time spans. Chronologically, in the order of occurrence through the afternoon, after work:

1. I entered a whole new world in the National Geographic showroom. If you like dreaming and fantasizing, this is definitely one place to be in- walk through the dimly lit cavern decorated with pictures of birds and nature at their best, people from all around the world, books, magazines and antique furniture. How lovely some of those teak bookshelves were! If you like shopping for furniture and curiosities, this is the place for you, too- strictly, though, if you have deep pockets. Quite a bit of the stuff is from India and China. Old and strong, bringing forth reminiscences of an age that is only a textbook-revelation to us.

2. I tried the ice cream at New Zealand Natural. I chose the white chocolate and raspberry flavour, and it was heavenly.

3. I went home from office on a bus- a double decker bus. I've never been on a double-decker bus before, and sitting up there and surveying creation- or to put it more sensibly, traffic- was quite a new experience. (Can we leave out the bit where the novelty wore off and I actually got tired of the drive because it took me twice the time to get home? Of course, they say things are more pleasant to imagine than to actually experience, but you can't obviously believe everything just like that!)

And this is how, unexpectedly, life goes from monotonous to beautiful overnight.


shirisha said...

Very bad Jaya.. without my company and knowledge how can you do that especially second and third point.. Not at all fare..

Jaya S said...

You'll be glad you missed the bus ride. We should choose a shorter route. And as for the second, we can do it anytime- I'm always ready for ice cream, you know it, Karrisha!

Bhuvaneswari Jayaraman said...

Hi pooja, I like the masthead of your blog, it is beautiful; apt for the title of your blog.

Jaya S said...

Thanks Bhuvani!

Jaya S said...

Bhuvani, by the way, I didn't know, which explains why it comes so late- happy birthday!

Bhuvaneswari Jayaraman said...

Thanks, Pooja. I have received some strong recommendations for the following books :
The Black Swan
Predictably Irrational
Out stealing horses
Endurance: The incredible voyage of Shackleton

Are you on Shelfari?


Jaya S said...

Thanks, Bhuvani! I hope I can find some of those around.

Shelfari- never heard of it. What is it?