Sunday, September 06, 2009

A Memorial to Girlhood

I have done, or been involved in, some pretty crazy things over the last year- too many for words to describe. For a change, I'll just let the pictures speak.


MediumOne said...


And these, you say, are the “pretty crazy things” you have done or been involved in over the last year?

*slaps its forehead*

Jaya S said...

Okay, there is an incident that has kind of obliterated all the events of the past- but we wouldn't want that out in public, do we? Just save it in your 'photographic' memory.

Frozy said...

craziness is so in perspective.. I heard myself asking that Maggi noodles of yours.. "Crazy? Seriously?".. Maggi replied: "I knowwwww"

Jaya S said...

Welcome back to Earth, Martian!