Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Please learn to let go.

If I make a mess of my life, let it be my mistake. Let me learn from the bruises that I choose to inflict upon myself, not the ones that you unwittingly scar me with. A cushioned, blinkered life never got anyone very far; if you think that is the antidote to all evils, you're wrong- remember Siddhartha?

There comes a point when we all choose to make our own decisions and abide by them to the very end- right or wrong. I'm at the crossroads, and this time I'll have my say.


Ravi Atluri said...

:O wht happened?

Sunshine said...

i hear you...on every word!

take care! :)

willwriteforfood said...

What's wrong? :O

wanderingbrook said...
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wanderingbrook said...


It was a sense of despair and futility stemming from a horrendous day at work and otherwise, several instances of disappointment coming together agonisingly on one single day. Hope is a cunning master, though, and I'm back to building castles in the air. Thanks for being here!