Monday, December 01, 2008

Here Come The First Pictures

I have a new camera. Inevitable, isn't it then, that I should go over the top with excitement and fill this page with some pictures of Singapore? What you see here isn't the real thing at all, just a tiny portion of a vast residential colony. Note the sameness, how one building is so much like another; yet, it is peaceful, undisturbed living (except for the grating noise of the construction site across the road). On the next of my travels through the city, I shall attempt to get some pictures of the real thing, of the dazzle and the serenity, of the lovely roads lined with palm trees and bougainvillea, of buildings rising way, way up into the sky, imposing, incredible and splendid in their height and architecture; nature and modernity meeting.


Revathi said...

Nice pics Jaya!! :)
and if u know me you will know that I am to patience what Pamela Anderson is to "homeliness"!! :P
I have zero patience for anything.
So be rest assured that its your writing that makes me visit this page and read its posts again and again!! :)

Jaya S said...

Thanks again, Revathi :-)! Okay, if that's the comparison we're using, then we'll definitely not discuss your patience ever again.

Arun said...

well from the 18th storey it does look monotonous I guess ! shall wait for the more interesting pics...chinatown for example !

Jaya S said...

Chinatown, yes, that would be more colourful, cluttered and interesting. Maybe I should go on another expedition there.