Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Now I'm unable to log into the chat channel at work. In this job, you're absolutely crippled without it, because this is the primary way you talk to users, get them to plead with you, threaten you, be sarcastic. This is how you holler to your next level for help.

So I called up the support desk, and poured out my woes to the man in Australia whose name I couldn't quite catch. Not surprisingly, he said he'd never heard of such an issue. People get their accounts locked, lose their passwords, have petty problems of the not-so-important (when it doesn't happen to me, that is) kind. Being entirely barred from the chat channel for no fault of mine, as the support person could easily see, is weird. I wanted to tell him, no, this isn't strange. Because it is me that it is happening to. Extraordinary mishaps almost always begin here.

(Now even the label for the post is throwing an error. Seems like the software demons are out to get me today. When did I last experience an error on blogger?!)


Arun said...

in other words , no work eh?! :)

Revathi said...

Tch Tch Arun!!
How very insensitive of you to jump to the conclusion that people who blog have no work!!

jobless eh?? :P:P

Jaya S said...

I wish! The chat is working now, though it does take fifteen minutes to load instead of fifteen seconds, and I have to load the users' and channels' lists everyday. So yes, I am jobless for about fifteen minutes everyday in my shift.