Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pink, Raggedy Stitch

I just knew of Lilo & Stitch as cartoons on Disney Channel, but now I have my own raggedy pink Stitch stuffed toy. When I brought her home, the reactions ranged from shocked to surprised at my taste, and gradually metamorphosed to aquiescence and even affection.

My Stitch (yet to be named), is said to look like she has been run over by a bus, been chewed up by a dog, got caught in the rain, whatever. She has the nicest eyes (with a single curling eyelash each), the flattest nose, the prettiest paws and the loveliest feet. The picture doesn't quite do justice to her. She is a far cry from the alien-like blue Stitch I gave a friend. She is easy to hold in the crook of your elbow and good to keep against your cheek when you're feeling low. She is a real friend (though she doesn't know it).

(This has to be my girliest post ever.)


Arun said...

who are you?!

Jaya S said...

I wonder.

Jaya S said...

PS: Atleast I'm not reading chick-lit yet.