Friday, May 01, 2009


Forget the fact that Ferrari are not quite there (an understatement, I agree) this season. They are almost as bad as, and how I hate to make the comparison, the Kolkata Knight Riders this season. So the IPL is not just about glamour and advertising and flashing your face and colours on television every other minute. It isn't about promos, controversies, publicity, and empty talk. Not entirely. Looks like a team missed out on one necessary ingredient- the game. And how I hope a particular person is learning his lesson! (Not that I'd really mind if he didn't; it just doesn't make the least bit of difference to me.)

Ferrari are biting the dust too, yes, and they'd better snap out of it pronto. While it might be politically correct to say seeing Button, Vettel and the rest of the upstart co. on the podium is good for the sport, I'll say this: I don't mind seeing them there, but where I'd like to see them is on the third step, behind the two Ferrari drivers. Pipedreams. Don't rub it in. I can hardly wait for the Europe leg to begin.

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