Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I know there'll be no end to the Guardian's eulogising of the Scottish hero- he will be the new saviour of sport on the islands, the best thing ever to have happened to Scotland since Nessie and Sean Connery, the man most deserving of all the silverware this year, the one to replace Prince William as the Brit charming an entire continent; why, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button might have to cart their McLaren-Mercedes cars into the pits for a while, and Cheryl Cole's efforts to break ground in the US may not be so important any longer.

And yet....go, Murray!

(And you too, Justine. The Chinese girls have had an incredible run in the tournament this far, and now it's time for this Belgian to demonstrate her firepower.)


Iron Dork said...

Go Henin! :)

wanderingbrook said...

And two Chinese girls in the semis. Now that's a first!