Thursday, January 21, 2010

You know all is right with the world when you know you can go on that long walk at 9.30 at night, jacketed to ward off the chill that is gradually lessening and making way for summer; watch couples strolling up and down the roads, pushing their babies in perambulators, cuddling them and spending an hour of solitude with the ones they love best to compensate for a day of stress and worry; throw your head back and see the stars and maybe a planet or two against a velvety dark sky, slightly touched by the unhealthy red glow of city-lights. You gossip with your friend of four years, swat mosquitoes with the back of your hand, let your laughter ring through the mostly empty roads- throw inhibition to the winds.

And then you come back to the warmth of your room. You know you have someplace to go to. The cares will keep till tomorrow.


Manish Raj said...

We all have to go somewhere..someplace..isn't it ?

wanderingbrook said...

Yes. And many of us don't know where.