Friday, February 19, 2010

Eyes to the Sky

Sing to me tonight.

Bring me the songs you stole from the sea; ask the wind to carry you hither. Give me the solace I seek from your music, fill the air with your wondrous voice, let no one question the futility of your arrival.

Don't, in a fit of misplaced perversity, wander away to those fertile coasts where no one cares for you. It is this starved desert that needs you and pines for you. There are no sentinels you need to hide from- come in majestically, full of pride and noble intentions. Let the earth open her arms to your gift and touch all creation with her fragrance. Wash away those layers of filth and black dust. Allow the flowers and the birds to drink in your mirth. Make everything clean and pure once again.

I see the silver lining, and I know you're here.