Monday, February 08, 2010

To the man who stopped his car when the traffic signal turned red and all the other motorists were still passing by, flouting the rules blatantly- thank you. You set an example for the people following you, and hopefully will continue to do so.

To people who insist on driving/riding on when the light turns red, preventing pedestrians from crossing the road- I'll start walking the moment the light turns red. You will be forced to stop. You don't own the roads. There are sensible people like the aforementioned gentleman who will embarrass you and teach you a lesson, if you aren't too thick-skinned to learn.


Anonymous said...

"I'll start walking the moment the light turns red"

May good judgement prevail. :D

june said...


wanderingbrook said...

Rindo: I did it today, and I've survived to tell the tale :P.

June: Sigh. I might be able to laugh with you a few years later, but now, I'm furious.